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Bluebird Oral Surgery (formerly Facial and Oral Surgery Center) is the longest-established oral surgery practice in Bend Oregon. It was founded by Dr Richard Schock in 1972. His son Todd followed this legacy. Our community enjoyed more than fifty years of expertise provided by this father-son combo. The practice continues to be regarded as a place of compassionate and attentive expert care.

Our unique campus has evolved from a once-solitary small house flanked by an apple orchard and a stand of aspens at the base of Pilot Butte. These trees and a well-tended garden reiterate our feelings of optimism, peacefulness, and hope. We are stewards of this practice, devoting our one life to the well-being of people.

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Our practice is built on core beliefs that guide our every action. We hold love and compassion as paramount, believing in the goodness of each individual and treating everyone with respect. Our commitment to service means we are dedicated to making a positive impact, always seeking to enhance the lives of those we touch. With humility, we approach each day with a beginner’s mindset, open to new learning and growth. Innovation is at our core, driving us to turn challenges into opportunities for continuous improvement and exceptional care.


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Insurance – Please provide your insurance information before your consultation or surgery appointment to verify coverage. You can call, email, or text us your insurance card details!

Referral – Most of our procedures require a referral from your dentist or physician.

Online Scheduling – Not all appointment types are available for online scheduling – please call us if your need isn’t listed.

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Your patience means the world to us as we navigate this exciting transformation to our new name and brand.